Your question: Where can I buy a duck stamp in Oklahoma?

How do you get a duck stamp in Oklahoma?

To purchase an Oklahoma Waterfowl Stamp, visit the Outdoor Store on Go Outdoors OK.

Can I buy a duck stamp at Walmart?

Where do you buy the stamps? At U.S. Post Offices, at some national wildlife refuges, at some sporting and outdoor stores, even at Walmart and K-Mart. You also can purchase them online at, and by telephone at 1-800-782-6724.

What happens if you get caught without a duck stamp?

PENALTY: $100.00 to $1,000.00. Better have the stamp. CO got us this weekend for not signing the actual stamp.

How much is a duck stamp in Oklahoma?

Hunting Licenses

License/Permit Cost Requirements
Federal Duck Stamp $25 Requirements
Oklahoma Waterfowl (waterfowl stamp) $10 Requirements
Annual Trapping $10 Oklahoma resident
Fur License $10 Oklahoma resident

What licenses do you need to hunt ducks in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma Waterfowl Stamp – Required for all persons who hunt migratory waterfowl in Oklahoma, unless exempt.

What stamps do you need for duck hunting?

The Migratory-Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp is required with a valid hunting license in order to hunt migratory birds and ducks. Ninety-eight cents of every dollar from the sales of Duck Stamps goes to the purchase of wetlands.

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How many shells can you have while duck hunting?

Duck hunters are only allowed to use a shotgun, 10 gauge or smaller, that carries no more than three shells. If the shotgun carries more than three shells, the hunter is required to “plug” the gun so that only three shots can be fired before reloading.

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