Your question: Is it legal to kill coyotes in Washington state?

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife does not classify coyotes as game animals, but a state license is required to hunt or trap them (RCW 77.32. … A license is not required in such cases. Check with your county and/or local jurisdiction for local restrictions.

How many coyotes can you kill in Washington state?

In Washington, there is no bag limit or season on coyotes. In 2019, WDFW issued two permits, said Anis Aoude, WDFW’s game division manager. The most the department has issued was six, he said.

Coyote may be hunted at night with lights year round, EXCEPT it is unlawful to hunt coyote at night during modern firearm deer or elk general seasons that occur in October and November in eastern and western Washington.

Can you kill a coyote anytime?

The following nongame birds and mammals may be taken at any time of the year and in any number except as prohibited in Chapter 6: English sparrow, starling, coyote, weasels, skunks, opossum, moles and rodents (excluding tree and flying squirrels, and those listed as furbearers, endangered or threatened species).

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How do I get rid of coyotes in Washington?

Keep pets on short leashes, and do not leave small children unattended outside.

  1. STEP 1: Eliminate what is attracting coyotes to your yard. …
  2. STEP 2: Consider a guard dog. …
  3. STEP 3: Fence in your property. …
  4. STEP 4: Spray ammonia around the property. …
  5. STEP 5: Use light or sound to deter coyotes.

Will a coyote attack a human?

Although coyotes have been known to attack humans (and pets) and as such are a potential danger to people, especially children, risks are minimal and we feel that the majority of attack incidents could be reduced or prevented through modification of human behavior.

Are there wolves in Washington state?

— Washington’s wolf population increased by 22% in 2020, according to figures released today by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. This is an increase of 24 wolves, three packs and three additional breeding pairs from 2019.

Hunting with artificial lights (RCW 77.15. 450): Hunting big game with the aid of an artificial light, spotlight, or night vision equipment is prohibited.

Can I kill coyotes on my property?

In California, coyotes have the same legal status as pigeons and rats. They’re considered “non-game animals,” which means anyone can kill as many of them as they want, at any time of year.

Why you shouldn’t kill coyotes?

The best available, peer-reviewed science shows that indiscriminately killing coyotes is counterproductive and a threat to healthy ecosystems. There is no credible evidence that indiscriminate killing of coyotes effectively serves any beneficial wildlife management purpose.

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What are coyotes afraid of?

Coyotes are naturally afraid of humans, but as they get used to living with humans they grow less and less fearful, and can become aggressive. Pets such as dogs and cats look like tasty treats to coyotes too.

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