Your question: Can you duck hunt in Hunter call of the wild?

It can be hunted in the Layton Lake District. The Mallard is one of three species of ducks found in the game, along with the Cinnamon Teal and the Harlequin Duck. It is also one of the 5 birds that can be hunted in the game with a rating [Gulls and Eagles don’t count].

What is the best time to hunt ducks in Hunter call of the wild?

You can always check other areas for ducks. I find the best time to hunt them smack dab at 11-12 AM in the morning. If you do not spot any ducks in the first lake, do not fear, keep searching through bodies of water, look for tracks and need zones, and listen for them.

Where can I shoot a Cinnamon Teal?

We shoot a few here in CA. I think a lot are shot in the north and south grasslands and the Suisun Marsh. A big hunting city in the grasslands is Los Banos and either Corderlia or Suisun City for the Suisun Marsh.

Is 5 shot good for ducks?

5 or No. 6 shot shells will work well for any small duck.

Do wooden ducks like spinners?

What does work, experienced hunters agree, are spinning-wing decoys like Mojo’s Screamin’ Woody. Love them or hate them, spinners, where allowed, are deadly on wood ducks, grabbing their attention at a distance and helping focus them visually on the small spread of decoys.

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