Will a 30 06 kill an elk?

30-06 is still an extremely capable elk caliber at reasonable hunting ranges. It has significantly less recoil than most magnum cartridges as well. Indeed, just about any elk outfitter would prefer to have a hunter arrive in camp with a well-worn . 30-06 that he or she can shoot well than a brand new magnum.

How far can a 30-06 kill an elk?

30-06 has been killing herds of elk for years. Its ethical range depends more on the gun, load, and shooter than anything. Your garden variety ’06 is fully capable out to 400 yards or so.

What is the best 30-06 bullet for elk?

Great . 30-06 elk bullets: Swift 180-grain Scirocco II; Nosler 180-grain AccuBond; Barnes 175-grain LRX.

  • Bullet weight: 180 grs.
  • Muzzle velocity: 2,700 fps.
  • Muzzle energy: 2,913 ft/lbs.

Can a 30-06 kill an elephant?

Can a . 30-06 kill an elephant with a single shot? – Quora. Yes. In fact, it was Teddy Roosevelt’s caliber of choice for elephant.

How far can you kill a deer with a 30-06?

As far as the distance that a 30-06 can effectively take deer, given the proper bullet, should be 400 yards or more IF, and only if, you can put the bullet in the right place at that range. Most people can not, under field shooting conditions, confidently shoot that far.

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Will a 6.5 Creedmoor kill a grizzly bear?

Now there is one caveat, if you’re in grizzly country then you need something more substantial. That Creedmoor round would probably bounce off a big bear and if it didn’t, you would wish it had. … It’s just proving to be a versatile round that does the business with a clean kill.

Will a 350 Legend kill an elk?

350 Legend is powerful enough to kill an elk, depending fully upon exactly where the bullet is placed and the construction of that bullet.

Will a 6.5 PRC kill an elk?

When using bullets like a 127 grain Barnes LRX, a 140 grain Swift A-Frame, or a 143 grain Hornady ELD-X, the 6.5 PRC can be darn effective on even the biggest bull elk. If you have a hankering to use a 6.5mm cartridge on elk, then the 6.5 PRC is probably the best one for the job.

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