Who killed the duck hunters?

How did the two duck hunters die?

Chance Black, 26, and Zachery Grooms, 25, were at Reelfoot Lake in northwest Tennessee when they met Vowell and an argument erupted, according to an ABC news report quoting the district attorney Tommy Thomas. The two men, both from Tennessee, died of bullet wounds at the scene.

How did chance black die duck hunter?

Chance Black, 26, and Zach Grooms, 25, were fatally shot in the blind on Reelfoot Lake, at Tennessee’s northwest corner. The survivor, Jeff Crabtree, told investigators that around 9 a.m. an elderly man in a boat approached the trio and asked if he could hunt from their blind. They told him he could.

How did chance black get killed on Reelfoot Lake?

Vowell’s body was recovered in the waters of the lake on Jan. 30. Thomas says Vowell’s autopsy report states that the cause of death could not be conclusively determined, but the circumstances surrounding his death and the discovery of his body suggest he died either because of drowning or hypothermia.

What happened to Zach Grooms?

District Attorney General Tommy Thomas says he has received the autopsy reports for the 70-year-old Vowell and the two men his is accused of killing, 26-year-old Chance Black and 25-year-old Zack Grooms. Black and Grooms were shot and killed at Reelfoot Lake in Obion County the morning of Jan. 25.

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What is the meaning duck blind?

Filters. A shelter, often camouflaged with reeds and grasses, for concealing duck hunters.

Where can I duck hunt on Reelfoot Lake?

Duck hunting packages or guides are available upon request. This lake with its four waterfowl refuges – Long Point, Grassy Island, Black Bayou and Lake Isom – comprising 20,000 acres concentrates 600,000 or so ducks each year. Reelfoot duck hunters hunt from both stationary and boat blinds.

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