Where is the best deer hunting in Alberta?

Alberta, Canada is well known for its huge whitetails and the Peace River country is one of the best areas for trophy whitetail deer hunting. Our hunting zones have a perfect edge whitetail deer habitat where there are large sections of woods that back up to the farm fields.

Where is the best hunting in Alberta?

Peace River Camp (McLennan)

Situated in the boreal forest of north western Alberta, approximately 250 miles from Edmonton, where the agriculture and the wilderness meet. Large tracks of grain and hay fields to the south & west and big bush to the north & east make this excellent hunting area.

Where is the best place to hunt elk in Alberta?

Two provincial hot spots for elk are Grand Prairie (WMUs 357, 358 and 359) and Medicine Hat (WMU 732), although elk-hunting prospects almost anywhere in Alberta look good.

How much does it cost to hunt whitetails in Saskatchewan?

Whitetail Deer hunts are $5000 plus licenses ($310 US depends on exchange). Cost includes meals, lodging, trophy prep, taxes, pickup and drop off in Saskatoon. The hunts are 5.5 days and we require half down for a deposit and the remaining balance to be paid 2 months prior to coming on the hunt.

Are mule deer native to Alberta?

Mule Deer are a widely distributed big game animal in Alberta and biologists estimate their population at around 133,000 and climbing. They are found in impressive numbers from the Montana border North to the Peace River region and beyond, and tremendous trophy potential exists in all areas.

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What eats deer in Alberta?

Deer (particularly fawns) are prey to many predators including: coyotes, wolves, cougars, etc.

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