Where can you spring turkey hunt in Texas?

The Cross Oaks Ranch Offers Rio Grande Spring Turkey Hunts. We have hunts for experienced Turkey Hunters as well as those experiencing it for the first time.

Is there a spring turkey season in Texas?

The spring Rio Grande wild turkey season in northern counties is from April 3 to May 16 and from March 20 to May 2 in the southern zone. Hunters should take note a special one-turkey bag limit exists in Bastrop, Caldwell, Colorado, Fayette, Jackson, Lavaca, Lee, Matagorda, Milam and Wharton counties.

What counties in Texas have turkeys?

Texas also has a special Eastern Turkey season in 13 counties: Bowie, Cass, Fannin, Grayson, Jasper, Lamar, Marion, Nacogdoches, Newton, Panola, Polk, Red River, and Sabine. All of these counties have an April 22 to May 14 hunting season and a one-turkey (gobblers only) annual bag limit.

Where can you shoot a turkey in Texas?

Located in Tilden, Texas, Y Bar Ranch is the ultimate destination for fantastic turkey hunting in Texas. We are a premier hunting outfitter, presenting vast natural habitat for exclusive Rio Grande turkey hunts, spread across 10 miles of Frio River and exotic Esperanza Creek running through it.

Do you have to tag turkeys in Texas?

You must have an Upland Game Bird Endorsement and hunting license. … All turkeys must be immediately tagged with a tag from your license. Eastern turkey must be both tagged and then reported using My Texas Hunt Harvest. Keep proof of sex on the bird.

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What license do I need to hunt turkeys in Texas?

Non-resident Spring Turkey License

Valid to hunt turkey only during the open spring turkey season. Non-residents purchasing this license are required to purchase a $7 Upland Endorsement. It is unlawful to possess both this license and a valid Non-resident General Hunting License.

Can you shoot turkey with rifle in Texas?

Yes, it is legal to shoot turkeys in Texas with a rifle. Has to be a center fire rifle, no rim fire such as 22 or 17. Has to be a center fire rifle, no rim fire such as 22 or 17.

How many turkeys can you kill in Texas?

In general, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department imposes an annual bag limit of four turkeys per hunter, only one of which may be an Eastern turkey.

Why are there no turkeys in East Texas?

Wild turkeys once flourished in eastern Texas. Because of market and subsistence hunting using a 25-bird daily limit and five-month season, the birds were hunted out of existence early in the 1900s. In 1941 the season was closed when it was believed less than 100 birds existed.

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