Where can I spearfish in the Florida Keys?

Can you spearfish in the Keys?

And we are truly blessed for the variety of fishing and spearfishing the Keys has to offer. When fishing you can go offshore, in the backcountry, reefs, wrecks, flats, and so on. However, when it comes to harvesting some tasty fish by spear, our options are similar but different than our hook and line friends.

Can you spear lobster in the Keys?

You can’t spear a lobster or use any device that will puncture, penetrate, or crush the flesh of a lobster.

Spearing fish is strictly illegal within 100yrds of any public place. This includes public beaches, commercial and recreational fishing piers or anywhere where public fishing and swimming is allowed; such as certain areas of bridges. … If this is the case, then you may spear fish near the last 500yrds of it.

Do you need a spearfishing license in Florida?

Florida. In addition to your regular saltwater fishing license, you’ll need to get a lobster stamp if you intend on spearfishing in Florida. … As for non-residents, those above 65 years of age will not need a license to spearfish as long as they comply by the state’s set out rules and have a valid ID on them at all times …

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Can you spearfish off Elliot Key?

It is one of a few uninhabited islands in Biscayne National Park including Elliott and Adams keys. … Spearfishing is permitted in Biscayne National Park in accordance with all Florida state regulations.

Can you spearfish on Crocker Reef?

You can fish while tied to the mooring buoys, go lobstering, dive or snorkel, but spearfishing is prohibited in this area.

Can you spearfish the 7 Mile Bridge?

There’s no spearfishing allowed from any part of a bridge that allows fishing. The west end is more of a fishing pier than a jetty.

What is the best time to catch lobster?

Lobsters are harvested year-round in Maine and New Hampshire. However, the majority are caught between late June and late December when the lobsters are the most active. Lobsters are also harvested during the winter and early spring months, but in smaller quantities.

Can spiny lobsters hurt you?

Grab lobsters from the top and back.

Grab the lobster from the back and the top, and away from the moray eel (the spiny lobster has no claws to hurt you).

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