Where can I hunt rabbits in Victoria?

Lake Albacutya Park: The hunting of pest animals (rabbits, foxes or cats) is allowed, as is the hunting of game duck during the open season.

Do you need a license to hunt rabbits in Victoria?

Hunting in grazing licences in State Forest in eastern Victoria does not require permission of the licensee. … Licensed game hunters can hunt foxes, hares and rabbits on State Game Reserves while hunting for game duck during the open season for duck hunting (some restrictions apply see www.gma.vic.gov.au).

Where can I hunt pest animals in Victoria?

You can hunt pest animals on State Game Reserves wherever duck hunting is permitted. This means that you can not hunt pest animals in an area of a reserve where hunting has been prohibited or in a reserve that has been closed for duck hunting as part of seasonal arrangements.

While certain restrictions are in place, hunting is permitted in the Alpine National Park and Avon Wilderness Park, Baw Baw National Park, Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park, Lake Eildon National Park, Mitchell River National Park, Tara Range Park and Nooramunga Marine and Coastal Park.

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Can you kill rabbits in Victoria?

1080. 1080 (sodium monofluoroacetate) is a lethal poison registered to control vertebrate rabbits, foxes, wild dogs and wild or feral pigs in Victoria. … Non-target species, such as dogs, cats and carnivores, may be killed by ‘secondary poisoning’ as a result of consuming rabbits poisoned with 1080.

Can I shoot kangaroos on my property Victoria?

Landowners are required to provide written consent to an authorised harvester to harvest grey kangaroos on their property. Also, they should request evidence from the harvester that they have appropriate public liability or public indemnity insurance.

Can you spotlight rabbits in Victoria?

It is illegal, dangerous, unethical and reduces recreational hunting opportunities for law-abiding hunters. Please read the Fact Sheet below for information regarding spotlighting.

Re: Crows and Lead

Thanks very much, have a great Sunday. Crows are protected, you’ll need an Ag-Permit to cull them.

Can you shoot in toolangi?

Registered. State forest is legal to shoot in. 95 Dx TD42, Turbo, suspension and body lift, 35 inch Simex Centipedes, lock right, heaps of fun!!

Can you kill crows in Victoria?

Crows are a protected species under Australian law and attempts to harm or kill these birds are illegal. These birds are merely protecting there young from a perceived intruder in much the same we would our own children.

What is the minimum land size you can shoot on in Victoria?

For the 17 hmr 100 acres is the recommended size with 50 acres being the bare minimum. The main issues with a property of that size would be containing the shot on the property and not getting complaints from the neighbours. If the property is undulating and/or heavily wooded, it may be perfectly safe to shoot a hmr.

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Deer hunting is a popular activity in Victoria. … Except for Hog Deer, there is no bag limit for deer. There is also no closed season for deer, except for Hog Deer and Sambar Deer hunting with hounds. Recreational hunting isn’t permitted at night (half an hour after sunset until half an hour before sunrise).

Do you need a permit to hunt deer in Victoria?

Anyone hunting game in Victoria must hold a current Game Licence. The Game Licence must be endorsed for the type(s) of game that you wish to hunt and only permits you to hunt that game in Victoria. Hunters should carry their licence on them at all times while hunting.

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