Where can I hunt deer in Iowa?

How much does it cost to go deer hunting in Iowa?

+ Resident Deer Hunting Licenses

Resident Any-Sex Tags $33.00 Y
Resident 1st Antlerless Tag $28.50 Y
Resident Additional Antlerless $15.00 Y
Resident Landowner / Tenant Any-Sex $2.00 Y

Is baiting deer illegal in Iowa?

“What they don’t tolerate is trophy hunting or baiting or those types of things that are less than fair chase.” The current administrative rule in Iowa bans intentionally placing harvested grain, fruit, vegetables, salt or other food items in an area being hunted with hopes of attracting a deer.

How much of Iowa is public land?

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is responsible for 425,000 acres of public land, including 245 lakes, 71 state parks and recreation areas, 4 state forests5.

Do The Hunting Public have jobs?

The Hunting Public has been Zach’s full-time job since it started in 2017, he went on to describe that having a hunting show is not all that it seems.

How many deer can you kill in Iowa?

The possession limit is one deer per license. A person may shoot and tag a deer only by utilizing the license and tag issued in the person’s name. 106.4(3) Regular gun seasons. The bag limit is one deer for each hunter in the party who has a valid deer transportation tag.

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Can you shoot Doe in Iowa?

Deer taken under a kill permit for depredation purposes will not qualify for this program.

+ Iowa’s Record Bucks.

Weapon Typical Non-Typical
Shotgun Kill 150 170
Muzzleloader Kill 150 170
Archery Kill 135 155
Handgun Kill 150 170

When can you put on a deer tag in Iowa?

+ When are applications being taken? The application period for applying for deer tags is always the first Saturday in May through the first Sunday in June. This is the same time that preference points are on sale for those who have decided not to apply for a deer tag.

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