Where can I hunt birds in Wyoming?

“The best hunting spots are areas where the WGFD stocks pheasants,” says Hicks. “These areas include: Springer Wildlife Habitat Management Area (WHMA), Glendo State Park, Platte County Walk-In Areas (WIA), Goshen County, Laramie County, Table Mountain WHMA, Ocean Lake WHMA and Yellowtail WHMA to name a few.”

Are there wild pheasants in Wyoming?

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department raises 30,000+ pheasants each year at our Downar and Sheridan bird farms. About half of those birds are hens. … In areas with adequate habitat capable of naturally supporting wild pheasant populations, most years, like in the Sheridan area, we have “male pheasant only” seasons.

Are crows illegal to shoot in Wyoming?

Crows may only be taken by using firearms, archery and falconry. No license is required, and there is no bag limit. Hunters are alerted crows closely resemble ravens, which are protected.

Can you shoot magpies in Wyoming?

Is it legal to hunt crows and magpies? A. Yes for crows, but no on magpies which are a protected species. … Also, keep in mind that a look-alike species, the raven, is protected.

Can you shoot coyotes in Wyoming?

Coyotes are defined as predators in Wyoming. There are no license requirements or stamps required to hunt coyotes in Wyoming. … The only restriction on take of coyotes is you cannot harvest a coyote from any public road.

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Is there a bounty for coyotes in Wyoming?

Wyoming coyote bounty – $20 per set of ears.

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