When can you hunt coyotes at night in Maine?

Hunting coyote during the coyote night hunting season (December 16 to August 31) is legal from 1/2 hour after sunset to 1/2 hour before sunrise, and shall cease at midnight each Saturday and resume at 12:01 AM on Monday.

Maine allows night hunting of coyote. A “Coyote Night Hunting Permit” is required to hunt coyote at night (½ hour after sunset until ½ hour before sunrise), in addition to your regular hunting license.

How do you hunt coyotes at night in Maine?

A Coyote Night Hunting Permit (valid January 1 to December 31, and available for $4*) allows the permit holder to hunt coyote at night (defined as 1/2 hour after sunset until 1/2 hour before sunrise). Hunters must be in possession of a predator calling device (electronic, hand-held, or mouth-operated).

Night hunting:

Except as otherwise provided, wild birds and wild animals may not be hunted from 1/2 hour after sunset until 1/2 hour before sunrise the following day. Exceptions: migratory game bird, raccoon, and coyote.

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Can you shoot a coyote on your property in Maine?

Yes. What firearms are approved/disapproved for coyotes in Maine? Wild animals and wild birds may be hunted only by the use of firearms (not larger than 10-gauge), hand-held bow and arrow, crossbow or by falconry. Deer and moose decoys are legal; laser sights (red dots or beam) for firearms and bows are legal.

Is there a bounty on coyotes in Maine?

Maine has a history of wasteful laws that either harm or do little to help fish and wildlife. CAMDEN – On May 21, Gov. LePage signed L.D. 342, “An Act To Reduce Deer Predation.” The legislation provides $100,000 to pay bounty hunters to kill coyotes in deer wintering areas in northern Maine.

How many coyotes can you shoot in Maine?

In Maine, coyote season runs year-round and there is no limit on how many may be harvested. Biologists estimate there are over 12,000 coyotes in the state. With coyotes being adaptable to just about any type of habitat, there is ample opportunity to encounter the state’s most abundant canine predator.

How many acres do you need to hunt in Maine?

Landowner Privilege: Maine resident landowners and their immediate family members may hunt without a license using firearms, archery, crossbow or muzzleloader on land they own and reside upon, provided the land exceeds 10 acres in size and is used exclusively for agricultural purposes.

Can I carry a pistol while hunting in Maine?

No firearms of any kind may be carried while hunting deer with a bow and arrow during the special or expanded archery seasons on deer, except person may carry a handgun in accordance with Title 25 section 2001-A; but it cannot be used to shoot a deer or dispatch a wounded deer.

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