What strength is Wild Turkey?

Wild Turkey Rare Breed was upped in strength to 56.4% in 2015. Blended from barrels of six to 12-year-old bourbon and bottled at barrel proof with no added water, Rare Breed has a rich, yet mellow flavour despite its high alcohol content.

Is Wild Turkey Rare Breed top shelf?

Wild Turkey Rare Breed

Today, Rare Breed is in contention for most affordable barrel proof bourbon on the shelf. After many years of waiting, Wild Turkey rye fans’ prayers were answers, as the company introduced Rare Breed Rye in summer of 2020.

Is Wild Turkey Rare Breed smooth?

Uncut with water, Rare Breed is an uncompromised Kentucky bourbon with tones of sweet tobacco and hints of orange and mint, making it a remarkably smooth whiskey legend.

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