What is the average life expectancy of a wild turkey?

In general, the average life expectancy for hens is three years and four years for toms.

Do turkeys mourn their dead?

Turkeys have a refined “language” of yelps and cackles. They mourn the death of a flock member and so acutely anticipate pain that domestic breeds have had epidemical heart attacks after watching their feathered mates take that fatal step towards Thanksgiving dinner. They clearly feel and appear to understand pain.

What do you call a female turkey?

Adult female turkeys are called hens. Juvenile females are called jennies. Adult females average half the size of male turkeys.

Do turkeys recognize humans?

They enjoy the company of other creatures, including humans. Turkeys can recognize each other by their voices, and more than 20 unique vocalizations have been identified in wild turkeys. They are incredibly curious and inquisitive animals who enjoy exploring.

Can you get sick from eating wild turkey?

Wild turkeys are susceptible to diseases common to domestic poultry, but do not seem to be carriers. “In fact, no wild turkeys have ever been linked to disease outbreaks in domestic poultry or cattle,” wrote Kennamer. LPDV is believed to be passed from bird to bird, and not genetically.

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