What is a US Super Slam in turkey hunting?

Everest of slams: the U.S. Super Slam. Finishing the Super Slam involves tagging a wild turkey in each of the 49 states that have turkeys (Alaska is void of turkey tags). Being introduced to turkey hunting in Minnesota in the 1990s, I can recall the first ever turkey stamp issued in 1996.

What is the U.S. Super Slam turkey?

To score a Super Slam, a hunter must take a turkey of any subspecies in each of the 49 American turkey states, a feat accomplished by just a dozen hunters who are still alive. One of them did it twice.

What is it called when you kill all turkeys?

Turkey hunters love the pursuit of gobbling turkeys. … The Grand Slam of turkey hunting involves killing each of the four species found across the U.S. (Rio Grande, Merriam’s, Osceola, Eastern).

What is a Royal Slam?

According to the association’s website the rules are simple: “A ‘Royal Slam’ is defined as an individual angler catching, or catching and releasing, under IGFA rules the required species for each club during his or her lifetime.” The IGFA recognizes slams for bass, salmon, shark, trout, tuna and billfish.

What is the hardest turkey to hunt?

1. Easterns: Hunter pressure in tight habitats make this subspecies the most difficult in the country. More turkey hunters roam Eastern states than any of the others. An Alabama Eastern three-year-old longbeard might be the most difficult turkey of all.

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Do ocellated turkeys gobble?

Male Ocellated turkeys don’t gobble, they sing. They wear no beards, weigh far less than U.S. birds, and still, these jungle turkeys are as wary as any U.S. tom. Male and female coloration is similar; only male Ocellated turkeys have spurs. Historically, hunters shot roosted turkeys off the limb.

Are there turkeys in every state?

Eastern turkeys are the most populous in the country with a flock size of about 5.3 million. They’re found in every state east of the Missouri River, with transplant populations in Washington, Montana, and California. … According to hardcore turkey hunters, Easterns are the most difficult subspecies to hunt.

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