Quick Answer: What color should you avoid turkey hunting?

Never wear red, white, blue, or black, the colors of a male wild turkey. Dress defensively, and wear hunter orange when moving in the turkey woods. Never stalk turkey sounds or attempt to sneak up on wild turkeys. Always call the turkey to you.

What color light is best for turkey hunting?

BlakeJ IMO, if you want a light to use for both deer and turkey that may not spook them, go with green! It’s not suppose to alarm them and it doesn’t mess with your vision either.

What color do turkeys see best?

As we have stated, turkeys have great eyesight. They can see you from much farther away than you can see them. They can see red, green, blue, and UV, giving them better color eyesight than humans. Their ability to see greatly diminishes at night.

Do turkeys like the color red?

Turkeys are attracted to red but not in a good way. Most times turkey get aggressive and attack humans wearing that color. This happens mostly during the breeding season.

Can turkeys see behind themselves?

Wild Turkey Vision

Like all birds, turkey have excellent color vision and depth perception. … A turkey can see in a nearly 300-degree arc without turning its head. That means it can see all but what is directly behind its head.

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How far can turkeys hear?

In a big field they will hear you from 400 yards. It sounds like you know where they are and where they are going.

Can turkeys smell human scent?

When they do, turkeys can hear and understand that the alarm sounds of other animals means there’s danger in the woods. You may be set-up and working a turkey when a deer comes in downwind of you and starts blowing and stomping, because he smells human odor.

Will turkey come out in the rain?

Rain: I love hunting in light to moderate rain because I have a good idea what turkeys will do. Generally, birds will congregate and feed in open areas, such as pastures, meadows, clear-cuts or agricultural fields. For rainy fly-down hunts, I set up at likely areas near roosts.

How do I find a good turkey hunting spot?

Consider the factors below to determine likely roost sites:

  1. Proximity to water. The old hunter’s adage suggesting, “Turkeys love to roost where they can hear their droppings hit water,” rings true here.
  2. Heavy, mature timber. …
  3. Open areas. …
  4. Evergreens. …
  5. Shelter sites. …
  6. Look for sign. …
  7. Use your ears. …
  8. Use your eyes.

Can I wear jeans turkey hunting?

Camo shirt, pants and head is good. Also, don’t wear anything red, blue or white — turkeys are keyed for those colors as they are found on turkeys.

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