Question: What state has the largest wild turkey population?

What makes Alabama a standout for turkey hunting is really two things: it has the largest turkey population (except Texas in some years), and hunters can harvest up to five turkeys over the fall and spring seasons, at a limit of one per day.

What states have the most wild turkeys?

Top 10 Wild Turkey Hunting States

  1. Missouri. Home to more than 317,000 Eastern turkeys, hunters harvested 47.603 of them.
  2. Georgia. Home to an estimated 335,000 Eastern turkeys, hunters took 44,106 of them in 2014. …
  3. Pennsylvania. …
  4. Alabama. …
  5. Wisconsin. …
  6. Tennessee. …
  7. Kansas. …
  8. Michigan. …

What is the hardest state to kill a turkey in?

I might get some arguments from folks in Louisiana, Mississippi, parts of Georgia or even panhandle Florida, but I think Alabama and South Carolina have the toughest turkeys in the country. These heavily pressured Easterns have seen it all, and they’ve been pursued for decades by the best hunters in the world.

Where are wild turkeys most common?

These wild turkeys are most abundant in the mountainous regions of the West. The Rocky Mountains are considered the central hub of the population.

What is the hardest turkey to hunt?

1. Easterns: Hunter pressure in tight habitats make this subspecies the most difficult in the country. More turkey hunters roam Eastern states than any of the others. An Alabama Eastern three-year-old longbeard might be the most difficult turkey of all.

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Is Wild Turkey tough?

Because wild turkeys are far more active than commercially raised turkeys, their muscles are more developed, which can lead to a chewy texture. Additionally, trophy gobblers, tough to score, are also tough-tasting when cooked.

Are wild turkeys hard to hunt?

Not everyone tags out every spring. When gobblers are hard to hunt, they are hard to hunt. … That’s what we have here for you — three extremely tough-to-kill longbeards that exhibit very different actions.

Do turkeys mourn their dead?

Turkeys have a refined “language” of yelps and cackles. They mourn the death of a flock member and so acutely anticipate pain that domestic breeds have had epidemical heart attacks after watching their feathered mates take that fatal step towards Thanksgiving dinner. They clearly feel and appear to understand pain.

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