Question: What is the best weapon to hunt with in Red Dead Redemption 2?

Bows, throwing knives, repeaters, rifles and sniper rifles will all give you perfect kills, but a repeater is your best bet. As you’d expect, large animals are a little harder to kill. You can take them down with bows (especially with poison arrows), rifles and sniper rifles. For these, a rifle is the easiest.

What weapon should I use to hunt in rdr2?

So, in order to maximise the quality of your kill, you’ll need the hunters weapon of choice: the bow. This weapon is unlocked in the Chapter One mission Aftermath of Genesis. It’s quiet and powerful enough to kill an animal in one shot, if you’re close enough and hit a vital organ.

What’s better Carcano or rolling block?

The Carcano has a significantly higher fire rate and reload speed, which are usually more beneficial. However, if the Rolling Block’s higher damage can be combined with special ammo to guarantee one hit torso kills, it could be more useful.

Is the Litchfield better than the Lancaster?

Lancaster 100%. It looks and sounds better, has greater accuracy than the Litchfield and a much lesser knockback.

How do you get a clean kill in rdr2?

Improved or poison arrows, poison throwing knives, rifles, and sniper rifles will get you a clean kill. It’s also possible with massive animals to use slug ammo in a shotgun.

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Is the bolt action rifle good for hunting in rdr2?

Red Dead Redemption 2 Bolt Action Rifle is a Rifle Weapon Type, which is ideal for hunting Medium and Large Animals. This weapons best stats are Accuracy 3.2/4 (Best) and Accuracy 3.2/4 (Good) and its lowest stats being Rate of Fire 1.5/4 (Weak).

Is Micah’s revolver good?

Red Dead Redemption 2 Micah’s Revolver is a Pistol Weapon Type, which is ideal for hunting Small and Moderate Animals. This weapons best stats are Rate of Fire 3.2/4 (Best) and Reload 2.8/4 (Good) and its lowest stats being Damage 1.5/4 (Weak).

Do bandoliers do anything in RDR2?

Background. Traditionally, the Bandolier is worn over the chest and is made from canvas or leather. … In-game, Marston can purchase a Bandolier from any Gunsmith or some General Store clerks for around $125. Doing so allows doubles the amount of repeater and rifle that Marston can carry (200 rounds).

What happens if you kill the twins RDR2?

In “Oh, Brother I”, if the player kills one of the twins, the other will say their name in shock as he and Helen look on in horror. The mission will then fail. … If the player kills the twins before entering “Oh, Brother I”, bystanders and lawmen will ignore the crime.

What’s the best gun in RDO?

Red Dead Online: 18 Best Weapons (& How To Get Them)

  • 8 LeMat Revolver. …
  • 7 Bow. …
  • 6 Navy Revolver. …
  • 5 Carcano Rifle. …
  • 4 Lancaster Repeater. …
  • 3 Mauser Pistol. …
  • 2 Semi-Auto Shotgun. …
  • 1 Schofield Revolver. Just like the Lancaster Repeater, the Schofield Revolver is the safest bet for a holster in Red Dead Online.
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