Question: What is the best 308 round for deer hunting?

What is the best 308 ammo for deer hunting?

The 6 Best Big-Game Loads for the . 308 Winchester

  1. Remington Core-Lokt 180-grain PSP RN. This load hits hard and makes a big hole. …
  2. Hornady Precision Hunter 178-grain ELD-X. …
  3. Barnes Vor-TX Tipped Triple Shock (TTSX) 150-grain. …
  4. Federal Fusion 150-grain MSR. …
  5. Hornady Custom Lite 125-grain SST. …
  6. Nosler Custom 165-grain AccuBond.

What grain bullet should I use for 308?

308 made its reputation as a deadly-reliable medium game killer with bullet weights from 150 to 180 grains. The hunter armed with a . 308 with quality optics and loaded with good factory ammo or hand-loads in the 150 – 180 grain range, is ready for any medium to large non-dangerous game in the world.

Is a 308 overkill a deer?

The 308 is a great round for any deer in NA. I would stick with the 150 or 165 grain bullets for deer. Anything less is most likely be a varmit round and not a good idea to use on deer. The 110-grain bullets in 30-caliber are thin-jacketed, intended as varmint bullets.

Is 308 Winchester the same as 308?

Someone may well come up with some esoteric cartridge that could be confused with the “normal” . 308 but, generally, 308 is . 308 Winchester, which is the “commercial” version of the NATO 7.62X51. Read the label.

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Is a 308 or 270 more powerful?

308 factory loads shooting the same weight bullet, the advantage in velocity of the . 270 Winchester is even more pronounced when compared to the . 308. … 308 Winchester factory loads designed for big game hunting use heavier weight bullets in the 150 grain to 180 grain range.

What is the smallest grain bullet for a 308?

You can find 100 to 110 grain 308 caliber bullets, plus possibly lighter bullets used in 30 carbine for reduced loads. Remington used to sell accelerator ammo, but they can still be found for reloading.

Will a 308 kill an elephant?

The trick to killing an elephant is knowing exactly where to hit them, and then doing it. If you hit the spot, a . 308 will kill them.

Is a 308 too big for deer?

308 would be pretty much the one to choose. 30-06 or 270 would be a good caliber for deer, pig or varmints. 300 win mag or 7mm rem mag would be a good all around if you want to upgrade to big game. 30-06 six or 270 would be a good caliber for deer.

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