Question: How much is a hunting rifle dank Memer?

The Hunting Rifle is an item in the Shop that costs 10,000 ⏣.

How much does a hunting rifle cost in discord?

You need a hunting rifle, which can be purchased with 15,000 ⏣10,000 (Mar 2021), to use this command.

Is 10lbs to heavy for a hunting rifle?

That depends a lot on what is being hunted where, and by whom. … This means that with scope, sling and everything hunt-ready, the typical rifle rig weighs-in at around nine pounds. Of course, there are smaller, lighter rifles, as well as bigger, heavier ones for special purposes.

How do you steal money from dank Memer?

Stealing. is a Simple Mechanic, using “pls steal” you can steal a user’s money, the format is “pls steal <@user>” then it will generate a random amount of their cash, if the cash is in their Bank, you can’t get it unless you Bankrob.

What happens when you die in dank Memer?

If you die, you will lose all of your wallet coins and certain inventory items. … Running this command will present you with three random choices, and some locations yield more coins and others have a higher death rate.

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How heavy is too heavy for a hunting rifle?

It’s just too heavy for general purposes. Sadly, 12 to 13 pounds probably represent the maximum practical weight of even a very powerful rifle for most hunters.

How can dank Memer prevent robbery?


  1. Effects. Prevents users from robbing you. ( Has a chance to break when robbed)
  2. Cost to buy. ⏣ 4,000.
  3. Cost to sell. ⏣ 300.

What do pets do in dank Memer?

Pets can do many things, such as hunt for items, protect your money from robbers, and even kill robbers. Players can feed, wash, and play with pets to increase its hunger, hygiene and fun respectively. Patting or hugging a pet boosts its love stat.

How do I increase my bank space in dank Memer?

To increase your bank you need to use currency commands or bank notes (you can get these by pls fish, pls beg, quests, loot boxes, trading for them, etc.).

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