Question: Do you need permission to hunt on private land in PA on Sunday?

Hunters must have written permission to hunt on private land on Sunday. Waiver of trespassing violations for those who go on private property to retrieve a hunting dog. Allows for the game commission to call on local police to help enforce trespassing rules.

Do you need written permission to hunt on Sundays in PA?

Sunday, Nov. 22 is open for bear hunting during the statewide general bear season, and Sunday, Nov. 29 is open for deer hunting during the firearms deer season. On those three Sundays, hunters on private land are required to carry written permission from the landowner.

Can you hunt public land on Sunday in PA?

Tom Wolf last year lifted a ban against it. The new law allows hunting on three Sundays: one during rifle deer season, one in archery deer season and a third that was to be determined by the game commission.

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Do you need permission to hunt on private land in PA?


Much of the land in Pennsylvania is privately owned. Hunters can typically freely take game animals hunted on their own private property, or may seek permission from a landowner to hunt on private property.

Can you hunt on private property in PA?

Hunting on Private Property: Permission Required

In Pennsylvania, you may not hunt private property without the permission of the landowner. Written permission is not required, but it is advisable. … Further, the landowner will not be responsible if a trespasser is injured by a dangerous condition on his land.

Why is there no Sunday hunting in PA?

According to its website, “The current restrictions on Sunday hunting provide safety and security to farm families and friends who are journeying around the farm to enjoy the woods and landscape on that day.

What time can u start hunting in PA?

1) Rifle and handgun ranges are open from 8 a.m. until sunset Monday through Saturday, and from noon to sunset Sundays, unless otherwise posted.

What Sundays can you hunt in PA 2020?

The game commission approved expanded Sunday hunting on Sunday, Nov. 15, for archery deer season, Sunday, Nov. 22, for bear hunting during the bear firearms season, and Sunday, Nov. 29, for deer hunting during the firearms deer season.

What Sundays are you allowed to hunt in PA?

After a long-running, recurring battle in the state legislature, the commission last year was given the authority to set 3 Sundays when hunting would be legal for the first since before Pennsylvania became a state: one within the archery deer season, one within the firearms deer season and one on another Sunday …

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What Sundays are you allowed to hunt in Pennsylvania?

SUNDAY HUNTING: It is unlawful to hunt on Sundays except foxes, crows and coyotes. Other exceptions are included with species seasons below.

Can a game warden come on private property in PA?

PA court: game wardens can enter private property.

How many acres do I need to hunt in PA?

Discounted Landowner Hunting License: Cooperating landowners with 80 or more contiguous acres qualify for a discounted hunting license. Landowner Antlerless Deer Licenses: Cooperating landowners, with 50 or more contiguous acres of land within the county of application, may obtain one antlerless deer license.

Can I shoot a deer on my property in PA?

Hunters may not “hunt for, shoot at, trap, take, chase or disturb wildlife within 150 yards of any occupied residence, camp, industrial or commercial building, farmhouse or farm building, or school or playground without the permission of the occupants,” according to Pennsylvania’s Game and Wildlife Code.

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