How much damage did the hunting rifle do?

Hunting Rifle
Bullet Type
DPS 68.8
Damage 86
Fire Rate 0.8

How much damage does a hunting rifle do in fortnite?

Hunting Rifle Stats/Damage

The Uncommon (Green) does 86 to the body and 215 to the head (depending on the range). The Rare (Blue) HR does 90 to the body and 225 to the head (depending on the range).

Does the hunting rifle have bullet drop?

Hunting Rifles are best at mid-long range due to its bullet drop off.

How much damage does the gold infantry rifle do?

The Infantry Rifle is 100% accurate when aiming down sights and deals great damage, but has a limited magazine size of 8 or 10 and is not fully automatic.


Infantry Rifle
Damage 44
Fire Rate 4.0
Magazine Size 10
Reload Time 2.1

How much damage did the Zapotron do?

It was likely an incredibly powerful weapon, although the only clip of a player using the weapon showed it doing 150 damage after charging it for several seconds.


DPS 49.5
Damage 150
Fire Rate 0.33
Magazine Size 4

What is the longest hunting rifle shot in fortnite?

– The longest range sniper elimination was scored by InTheLittleWood on Danzhizzle, with a 247m hunting rifle shot.

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How much is a Hunting Rifle in discord?

You need a hunting rifle, which can be purchased with 15,000 ⏣10,000 (Mar 2021), to use this command.

Is an infantry rifle an AR?

Weapon Stats & Strategy for Infantry Rifle!

Basic Information.

Weapon Type Assault Rifle
Ammo Medium Bullets
Hunt invitation