How many black bears are left in Louisiana?

Currently we estimate that between 500 and 750 Louisiana black bears roam the United States, approximately double the population size at the time of listing.

How big is the Louisiana black bear?

Adult males average between 300 and 400 pounds but can weigh more than 500 pounds. Adult females average 120 to 200 pounds. Found primarily in the forested wetlands of the Mississippi Alluvial Valley; however, have been sighted in almost every parish in Louisiana.

Are Louisiana black bears dangerous?

Black bears normally are not aggressive, but they can be dangerous if provoked. Like any animal, bears are most likely to become dangerous in conflicts over food.

Can you kill a black bear in Louisiana?

Killing a bear is a violation of both state law and the federal Endangered Species Act. Violators are subject to penalties of up to $50,000 and 6 months in jail. In addition, a civil restitution fine of $10,000 per bear will be imposed on anyone convicted of killing a black bear in Louisiana.

Are there grizzly bears in Louisiana?

The grizzly, or brown bear, dwells mostly in Alaska and western Canada. It ranges south into some of the northwestern United States. … Of the many subspecies in North America, the Louisiana black bear is the only one listed. In Louisiana, hunting bears is outlawed.

Are there bears in the swamp?

No wonder this mysterious, magical place has given rise to so many legends. Especially about bears, the largest predators found here. But many other creatures besides bears make their home in the swamp. Many are rare, seeking refuge in a place where most people cannot go.

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