How do you hunt a turkey in Montana?

Montana’s spring season is limited to gobblers or breeding males; you can hunt them with either a shotgun or a bow. Full camouflage gear is recommended for hunting turkeys, so consider investing in or making a sniper-style ghillie suit, and use materials in natural brown, tan, and gray to match the birds’ habitat.

How much does a turkey tag cost in Montana?

Turkey $6.50 Resident each $115 Nonresident each OR $57.50 each to Nonresident holders of an Upland Game Bird license. Special License – Drawing Only $5 Resident/ Nonresident non- refundable drawing fee.

Where is the best turkey hunting in Montana?

Turkey Hunting Seasons

Hunters are allowed one wild turkey per special tag holder per special season. Popular hunting areas include the Long Pines and Ashland areas of the Custer National Forest and portions of Fergus County and the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge.

What is the best way to hunt turkey?

To hunt wild turkeys in most terrains, you will need basic gear. In most states, choices for method of take for turkeys are shotgun, muzzleloader or bow. Thanks to modern turkey loads and turkey chokes, both 12 and 20 gauge do a good job at taking down a turkey.

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How much is a Montana antelope tag?

General Antelope License

Cost includes $5 nonrefundable application fee. Fees: Resident: $19. Nonresident: $205.

How many wild turkeys are in Montana?

As a western turkey hunting destination, Montana has it all: solid bird numbers (120,000 turkeys by 2021 estimates), exceptional access, and high hunter-success rates.

What species of turkeys are in Montana?

Montana’s two sub-species of turkeys are largely defined by geography, with the Eastern variety concentrated in the northwest and Merriam’s plentiful in much of the rest of the state.

What hunting season is it in Montana?

The program, which offers nearly 7.8 million acres of hunting friendly land, is available for fall hunts, but excludes spring bear and turkey seasons. *Backcountry dates may vary by region.

Montana Elk Seasons.

Archery Sept. 5-Oct. 18
Backcountry Archery Sept. 5-14
General Backcountry Season Sept. 15-Nov. 29

How long is turkey season in Nebraska?

Hunt Nebraska Turkeys With Three Over-The-Counter Permits.

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2021 Seasons DATES
SPRING Shotgun April 17 – May 31, 2021
FALL Youth Archery and Shotgun Sept. 15, 2021 – Jan. 31, 2022
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