Frequent question: What do I need for my first elk hunt?

An elk hunt requires gear – boots, raingear, cold weather layers, backpacks, binoculars and more. Each of these things can be the difference between a successful, enjoyable hunt and miserable, painful one. Don’t skimp on gear. These off-season preparations are just a few tips to help you prepare for your next elk hunt.

What all do I need for an elk hunt?

Elk Hunters Checklist–Hunting Essentials

  1. License.
  2. Hunter safety card.
  3. Bullets.
  4. Waterproof matches.
  5. Toilet paper or scent free wipes.
  6. Knives.
  7. 20′ of rope or strong nylon twine (useful for tying a leg or two to a tree during field dressing)

How do you start an elk hunt?

8 Tips for Rifle Hunting Elk for the First Time

  1. Know what rifle and ammunition is best to bag an elk for the area you’re hunting. …
  2. Spend plenty of time at the rifle range to know how your gun will perform at different distances. …
  3. Be prepared for a wide variety of weather changes when hunting in the mountains. …
  4. Wear layers.

What clothes do you need for elk hunting?

Wear Hunting Clothes in Layers

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Pants and a long sleeve T-shirt, and a medium weight over-shirt are next. A fleece or insulated vest is a great option when you are on the move. An outer jacket or camo hoodie will top it off, but avoid a heavy coat unless you know the temperatures are going to be extremely cold.

How do you physically prepare for an elk hunt?

Push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, and air squats train your whole body. A great workout to prepare for hunts is weighted step-ups—wearing a backpack with some heavy stuff in it and stepping up on a cooler then back down.

How many bags are in a Elk game?

Bag It. Always carry four game bags—one for each quarter—and 50 feet of parachute cord to hang them. In order to properly distribute weight, the bags with front shoulders also get a backstrap, neck meat, and a loin or two.

Why are elk so hard to hunt?

Elk are more difficult to hunt than deer. Deer are smaller than elk. This difference in size gives elk more muscle mass than deer. Due to this, elk have the ability to cover much more ground at a much faster pace than any deer.

Are elk easy to hunt?

I’ve been that guy after four of my seven hunts, but I’ve been fortunate enough to take two elk with a bow and one with my rifle, too. Elk hunting is extremely difficult. All elk hunters combined share an approximate 10% success rate.

What do you wear to hunt elk in Montana?


  • Wool/fleece/synthetic jacket. No cotton. …
  • Wool base layer shirt long and short sleeve. No cotton. …
  • 3-4 pairs of quick drying socks. No cotton. …
  • Medium weight pair of gloves.
  • Ski hat, balaclava or similar.
  • Light weight camp shoes. Something light weight that is good for wet muddy conditions around camp.
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How much does it cost to process an elk?

An average sized bull elk should cost no more than $300 to have butchered (give or take $50), depending on how large he is and if you get any jerky or sausage made. good for you guys that process your own and do it correctly.

How do you train for Western hunting?

Plan on a cardio activity five days a week for 30-45 minutes and build on that time as your hunt gets closer. Running, biking, elliptical machines, stair climbers, or even getting outside and hiking are great options.

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