Do Geese like duck decoys?

Ducks and geese usually flare at decoys that look like … well, decoys. Lifeless, still spreads on days with light winds don’t work. Consider adding motion to your rig, whether it’s a feeder or two on jerk strings, one of the many motion machines available nowadays or even the tried-and-true spinning-wing decoys.

Will geese land in duck decoys?

Most of the time, geese will try to land right between the two groups of decoys.” Wettish also believes that decoy placement is critical when hunting with a small spread. “On ponds and in small fields, you need to watch the birds once or twice before you hunt them,” he says.

Where do you put geese in duck spread?

Re: Goose decoys in duck spread

Put them on the upwind side of the LZ and use em a blockers at the top of the pocket. Personally if money wasn’t an issue, i’d be running 12 dozen geese and 3 dozen ducks… ducks like geese, and visibility is key.

Will geese come into decoys without calling?

It is absolutely possible to hunt geese without decoys if you are in the right spot and you are well concealed. In most cases, it will likely improve your chances by adding some decoys to your hunting location but if you do not have immediate access to decoys then you certainly can give these techniques a try.

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Is it bad to leave duck decoys out?

The birds will wise up over time and realize the decoys are not real. Depending what brand decoys you have leaving them out will be real tough on the paint, GHGs have a tendency to fade and discolor. IMO it is better for you to just pick them up and reset them if at all possible.

What are geese afraid of?

Fear of noises

But geese get used to noises quickly, especially in noisy neighborhoods and if the geese see no other reason to be scared. Frightening noises work much better if the geese see a mobile threat such as people shooing them or goose-herding dogs.

Do ducks and geese feed together?

“In Manitoba grainfields, geese and ducks routinely feed together, so this is a natural-looking spread,” he says. “Also, the bigger, darker goose decoys help get the ducks’ attention, and they hide our blinds better. … “I use a big decoy spread to attract high-flying ducks and a little spread to finish them,” he says.

Can you shoot geese on the water?

It’s perfectly legal to kill a duck or goose on the water. The “seeking refuge in water” referred to is a law regarding big game.

How many goose floaters do I need?

“I’ll put two or three floaters on the water and four or five full-body sleepers or resters on land close to the water. You want the birds to feel like the pond is safe when they come in,” he says. “If it’s a small pond that I can shoot across, I like the decoys close. You definitely don’t want to crowd the pond.”

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When should you call for geese?

The best time to hit a duck or goose with a calling sequence is when the bird or birds are at a bit of a distance, but approaching. When a duck is out 200 to 300 yards and coming in your general direction is the ideal time to get the bird’s attention.

How many decoys do I need for goose hunting?

I’ve done great with 12 decoys per hunter. It takes this many to conceal a hunter in a layout blind. Cochran echoes Bartz’s advice: “You’ve got to be in the center of the bullseye—right where the geese want to go—when you’re hunting with three dozen or fewer decoys.

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