Can you use duck decoys for geese?

“Goose decoys draw ducks, but geese rarely come in to just a spread of duck decoys, so it can’t hurt to use both,” said Hudnall, of Westport, Kentucky. When he’s hunting the Ohio River, his home water, Hudnall starts by setting out 100 or so goose decoys, as if he was preparing for a goose-only hunt.

Will geese land over duck decoys?

Most of the time, geese will try to land right between the two groups of decoys.” Wettish also believes that decoy placement is critical when hunting with a small spread. “On ponds and in small fields, you need to watch the birds once or twice before you hunt them,” he says.

How many geese decoys should I use?

I’ve done great with 12 decoys per hunter. It takes this many to conceal a hunter in a layout blind. Cochran echoes Bartz’s advice: “You’ve got to be in the center of the bullseye—right where the geese want to go—when you’re hunting with three dozen or fewer decoys.

Can you have too many duck decoys?

You might physically carry more than this, but too many decoys (plus shotgun, shells, etc.) lugged through marsh or muck can be a killer. Boat hunters can put out bigger spreads. Two or three bags, each carrying two dozen decoys, are a reasonable load for a 16-foot boat.

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Is it bad to leave duck decoys out?

The birds will wise up over time and realize the decoys are not real. Depending what brand decoys you have leaving them out will be real tough on the paint, GHGs have a tendency to fade and discolor. IMO it is better for you to just pick them up and reset them if at all possible.

Will geese come into decoys without calling?

It is absolutely possible to hunt geese without decoys if you are in the right spot and you are well concealed. In most cases, it will likely improve your chances by adding some decoys to your hunting location but if you do not have immediate access to decoys then you certainly can give these techniques a try.

Do ducks and geese feed together?

“In Manitoba grainfields, geese and ducks routinely feed together, so this is a natural-looking spread,” he says. “Also, the bigger, darker goose decoys help get the ducks’ attention, and they hide our blinds better. … “I use a big decoy spread to attract high-flying ducks and a little spread to finish them,” he says.

Will Snow geese land with Canadian geese?

Canada geese will land on the downwind side of the spread and walk in to the body of the group. With the number of geese usually much less than that of snows with feeds ranging from 200- 10000 birds the decoys spread should represent that with numbers.

What’s the best way to set up duck decoys?

10 Surefire Decoy Strategies

  1. Make Your Spread Visible. …
  2. Keep Water Open around Your Decoys. …
  3. Set a Floating Spread for Canada Geese. …
  4. Use Goose Decoys for Ducks. …
  5. Spread Out Decoys in Flooded Timber. …
  6. Deploy the Ultimate Diver Spread. …
  7. Give Geese Room to Land. …
  8. Deceive Dabblers with Coot Decoys.
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Can you shoot geese on the water?

It’s perfectly legal to kill a duck or goose on the water. The “seeking refuge in water” referred to is a law regarding big game.

How do you get a duck to commit to decoys?

Try placing the spinning wing decoys at the front edge of your decoy spread with the head pointing into the wind and towards the rest of your decoy spread. This will make it look like a duck is just preparing to land which can add some comfort to the incoming ducks.

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