Can you kill a bear in Colorado?

Black bears and mountain lions CAN be killed when it is NECESSARY to prevent them from inflicting death or injury to LIVESTOCK, HUMAN LIFE, real property, or a motor vehicle. Any wildlife killed shall remain the property ofthe state, and such killing shall be reported to the division within five days.

That’s because there is no law that specifically provides for the killing of an animal in self-defense. So, if you are out camping and a bear attacks you, you could face legal troubles for killing the bear. The law is not clear when it comes to self-defense against animal attacks, though such attacks are unusual.

How much is a bear tag in Colorado?

Resident Licenses

​License Type 2021
​​​​Pronghorn License ​$41.28
Bear License $39.75
​Mountain Lion License ​$51.68
Moose License ​$313.80

Are Colorado black bears aggressive?

Colorado black bears are active this time of year, and while they are not naturally aggressive, wildlife officials say people venturing into bear country need to know what to do if they encounter one.

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