Can you hunt mule deer in South Dakota?

It’s hard to think of a tag that offers more opportunity than a South Dakota deer tag. Not only can you hunt anywhere in the state, you can shoot either a whitetail or a mule deer. The archery season lasts from October to January, and the tag can be bought over the counter at a local game fish and parks office.

Where can I hunt mule deer in South Dakota?

South Dakota big game hunting with Crooked Creek Outfitters offers prime mule deer and whitetail hunts, antelope hunts, and predator hunts in “almost” Montana. The hunting area covers over 37,000 acres, some of which borders Montana. The hunting area is located in Harding County, South Dakota.

Can you buy mule deer tags over the counter in South Dakota?

South Dakota isn’t a true blue OTC mule deer tag state, but it’s easy to get a tag. South Dakota non-resident archery mule deer hunters must apply for a license and once the application is processed, it will be mailed to them.

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Are there elk in South Dakota?

South Dakota’s present-day elk herd, residing in the Black Hills, consists of over 6,000 Rocky Mountain elk. Only South Dakota residents are eligible to apply for and receive an elk license in South Dakota.

How much is a deer license in South Dakota?

License Types & Costs

Season Resident Fee
Deer | Archery 1 Any Deer $40 1 Doe Tag $20
Deer | Black Hills 1 Any Deer $40 1 Any Whitetail $40 1 Doe Tag $20
Deer | Custer State Park Any Deer $156 Antlerless Whitetail $31
Deer | East River 1 Any Deer $40 1 Any Deer + 1 Doe Tag $50 1 Doe Tag $20 2 Doe Tags $30

Can you hunt on your own land in South Dakota?

According to the South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks website, “Resident landowners and their immediate family (husband, wife, and children residing at home or on land owned or leased by the landowner) may trap furbearers and hunt their property for small game without obtaining a hunting or trapping license.”

Can non residents hunt elk in South Dakota?

Nonresident Hunting in South Dakota. … Claim no resident hunting, fishing, or trapping privileges in any other state or foreign country. Prior to any application for any license, transfer to this state the person’s driver’s license and motor vehicle registrations.

Does South Dakota have OTC deer tags?

You can get a West River archery AND an East River archery tag OR a Statewide Archery tag. SD is a beautiful and diverse place to hunt. You will need to apply by April 1st, so it’s not a true OTC state, but it’s guaranteed if you put in by that date.

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What is the best hunting in South Dakota?

Whitetails and mule deer are the most highly sought after big-game species in South Dakota, and nonresidents can apply for deer tags in most regions and seasons. Mule deer inhabit mostly the central and western regions of the state, and whitetails are abundant nearly everywhere.

How much does it cost to hunt pheasant in South Dakota?

Hunting seasons run from September 1 – March 31

Walk-In Day Hunts- Cost for walk-in day hunts are $250 per day. License, shells, taxes & gratuities are not included in either package. Non-hunting guest with meals, refreshments, lodging, and lodge amenities will be charged $100 per night.

Does South Dakota have good hunting?

South Dakota is renowned world-wide for its pheasant hunting, and rightfully so. Did you know the average annual pheasant harvest during the past 10 years is 1.2 million roosters? Pheasants are just part of the hunting package you can enjoy.

Can you buy over the counter mule deer tags in Colorado?

Over-the-counter hunting licenses can be purchased starting on July 25. … Many of the 500,000 or so who hunt in Colorado request licenses through a draw system. The draw is the only way to buy mule deer licenses. It’s also a way to get bear, elk, whitetail deer and pronghorn licenses.

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