Can you hunt deer with 6mm arc?

But why this particular AR-15 has become my favorite for deer, hog, coyote and prairie dog hunting is because it’s chambered in 6mm ARC.

Can you hunt deer with a 6mm?

From a practical standpoint, the 6mm or . 243-caliber family of rifle cartridges is considered the bare minimum necessary to effectively kill whitetail deer. Fast, efficient and powerful, the various 6mm cartridges have been very popular among deer hunters for more than 50 years.

Will a 6mm kill an elk?

The majority of “lost” elk that I have been made aware of were all shot with 6mm. As already pointed out, under ideal circumstances they can be killed with about anything. To many are lost to deer hunters whom move up to elk with deer rifles. Use all the gun you can shoot accurately and do the elk a favor.

Is 243 the same as 6mm?

6mm Remington and . 243 Winchester are two distinct rounds and are not considered interchangeable even though they do shoot bullets with the same diameter. The 6mm Remington is based on a necked down .

What is the best 6mm Creedmoor rifle?

One 6 mm Creedmoor factory option is the Ruger Precision Rifle, which has proven to be a hugely successful long-range platform. The first time out of the gate with the new Hornady 6mm Creedmoor 108-grain ELD Match ammo, my Brownells rifle averaged . 6 inches while the Ruger averaged .

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How much does 6mm ARC cost?

Find in-stock 6mm ARC ammunition at the best prices… FAST

Retailer Description Price
LAX Ammunition 149 Hornady 6 MM ARC 105 GR BTHP 20 ROUNDS (81604) $29.89
Sportsman’s Outdoor Superstore 74 HORNADY 6mm ARC 105 gr BTHP Black 20/Box $29.99
Brownells 134 6mm ARC 105gr BTHP 20/Box $29.99

Is 6mm ARC the same as 6mm Remington?

Comparison with other cartridges

223 Remington/5.56×45mm NATO, the 6mm ARC has more recoil and heavier ammunition, but better long-range performance with less ballistic drop and wind drift, and more retained energy downrange.

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