Can non residents hunt mule deer in North Dakota?

Nonresident any-deer bow licenses are limited to 780, a number equal to 15 percent of the total mule deer gun season licenses made avail- able during the previous year. Deer Gun – No more than 69,050 licenses, including gratis licenses, will be issued.

Can non residents hunt deer in North Dakota?

The number of nonresident any-deer bow licenses available in North Dakota is 15% of the previous year’s mule deer gun license allocation. The North Dakota Game and Fish Department will offer 780 any-deer bow licenses to nonresidents in 2021, the department said Monday.

Can non residents hunt in North Dakota?

Non-residents under 16 years of age from qualifying states may purchase the resident Fishing, Hunting and Furbearer Certificate and General Game and Habitat License to hunt small game and waterfowl. Visit the North Dakota Game and Fish Department website for more details.

Can you buy deer tags over the counter in North Dakota?

North Dakota’s deer hunting regulations allow hunters who apply for a gun or muzzleloader license to still buy an archery tag over the counter.

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What states have over the counter non resident mule deer tags?

Tags. Arizona, California, Idaho, Oregon, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Washington are states where you can purchase tags over the counter and hunt mule deer every year. Arizona, California, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington also offer draw tags for some units.

How many deer can you kill in North Dakota?

Resident deer bow license holders may take and possess one deer of any type per season, except as stated for special deer bowhunting areas. Nonresident deer bow license holders may take and possess one deer of the type described on their license.

Can non residents hunt elk in North Dakota?

Who May Apply – North Dakota residents are eligible to apply for bighorn sheep, moose and elk licenses. Nonresidents can apply for only a bighorn sheep license. … The apprentice license is not valid for bighorn sheep, moose or elk.

How much is a deer tag in North Dakota?


Fee Amount
Deer Gun (1st Lottery) – Includes a $5 nonrefundable application fee. All but application fee is refunded if application is unsuccessful. After second lottery is held, a nonresident deer gun license is $50, if available. $255
Deer Bow $250

When can non residents hunt pheasants in North Dakota?

NOTE: In accordance with state law, nonresidents are not allowed to hunt on Game and Fish Department wildlife management areas or conservation PLOTS (Private Land Open To Sportsmen) areas from October 9-15, 2021.


Limit Type Amount
Shooting Hours 30 minutes before sunrise to sunset.
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How many deer tags can you get in ND?

Hunters may initially receive up to five Special Deer Bow Season licenses. After November 1, hunters may purchase up to five additional licenses on a first-come, first-served basis. The bag limit shall be one antlerless white-tailed deer for each Special Deer Bow license.

Can you bait deer on private land in North Dakota?

Hunting deer over bait is illegal on any land owned by North Dakota Game and Fish, state school lands or lands owned by the U.S. Forest Service. There is no law against baiting on private lands, according to officials of the North Dakota Game and Fish Department, who say it is still a bad idea. …

Does North Dakota have mule deer?

The primary range of mule deer in North Dakota occurs in the badlands, which consists of a rugged landscape of clay buttes, covered by Rocky Mountain Juniper and green ash stands interspersed with a mixture of sagebrush, deciduous shrubs and grasses.

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