Best answer: What is the Pennsylvania state record for black bear?

The heaviest bear ever taken in Pennsylvania was an 875-pounder harvested in 2010 in Middle Smithfield Township, Pike County. Since 1992, seven black bears weighing at least 800 pounds have been lawfully harvested in Pennsylvania hunting seasons.

What is the PA state record black bear?

The largest bear was a 733-pound (actual live weight) male taken in Dunbar Township, Fayette County. That bear is presently ranked, according to skull measurements using the Boone & Crockett scoring method, as the largest bear taken by a hunter in Pennsylvania.

What was the biggest bear killed in PA?

The largest animal was an 813-pound male killed in Monroe County. The heaviest bear on record was an 875-pound animal killed in Pike County. Lycoming County recorded 284 bears killed followed by Clinton and Tioga counties, both with 267.

What county in PA has the most black bears?

The most bears were harvested in Lycoming County with 284, followed by Clinton and Tioga counties with 267 each. Other top counties for bear harvests were Huntingdon, 180; Potter, 174; Luzerne, 163; Pike, 161; Bedford, 156; Centre, 146; and Warren, 146.

How many bears were killed in PA?

Bears were killed in 59 of 67 Pennsylvania’s counties and 22 of the 23 Wildlife Management Units. Potter County led the way with 188 bears. Lycoming and Tioga counties followed with 185 and 184, respectively, helping the Northcentral Region register 1,305 bears in 2020.

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What kind of bears are in Pennsylvania?

Ursus americanus is the black bear’s scientific name; it means “American bear.” Although three species of bears inhabit North America, only the black bear is found in Pennsylvania. A population estimate in 2015 showed approximately 20,000 bears living in the commonwealth.

What is the first day of bear season in Pennsylvania?

Black bear season statewide opens on Saturday, Nov. 20 and continues Sunday, Nov. 21, 22 and 23. In WMU 5A, the bear season will overlap with deer season and be Nov.

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