Best answer: Is it legal to hunt with FMJ ammo?

Full metal jacket (FMJ) and tracer bullets are illegal. “ Every State’s hunting regulations I’m aware of do not allow FMJ bullets to be used for hunting. Here’s what NMGF says: “Hunters must use only bullets designed to expand or fragment upon impact.

Can you hunt with FMJ bullets?

FMJ (or any non-expanding bullet) is illegal to hunt with in California.

Why are FMJ illegal for hunting?

FMJ is illegal to hunt with for the same reason they are required for war. They don’t expand or fragment which wounds more often than it kills.

Is it illegal to carry FMJ ammo?

FMJ is the basic round and legal everywhere. Whereas hollow point or +P rounds may be questionable.

Will a 308 FMJ kill a deer?

Yes. ( Legal here). It kills them just fine if I do my part. Same with hogs.

Will a FMJ kill?

A 9mm cartridge with an FMJ bullet will penetrate a target and cause significant damage and disruption. It may or may not incapacitate or kill on the first shot, but many other cartridges share that potential failing.

Will 5.56 FMJ kill a hog?

You would not believe what a military FMJ 5.56mm M193 round will do to a hog. That bullet penetrates 6-7″, turns 90 degrees and fragments. Those fragments shred the heart, lungs and diaphragm. i’ve killed a lot of wild hogs with that bullet including a couple 300 pounders that just bang flopped.

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Will FMJ kill a coyote?

The . 223 cartridge is plenty strong enougy medicine for Coyotes. However a FMJ round is bad for hunting no matter what caliber you are using.

Can range ammo kill you?

If so, yes, it can kill. The stuff we carry for self-defense is typically hollowpoint ammo. The military carries ball ammo, which is what you shoot at the range because it’s cheaper than hollowpoint. Yes, it can kill you, likely just as well as hollowpoint ammo.

Can you defend yourself with FMJ ammo?

A FMJ will work for self defense. While it may not be optimal anything that you can respond with is better than nothing. In general no. A FMJ (full metal jacket) bullet will go straight thru what ever it hits.

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