Are shotguns made in Turkey Good?

I’m pleased to see that more recent reviews in 2012 and 2013 have proved that good quality guns are coming out of Turkey factories. I’ve owned several Turkish made shotguns and I’ve had 0 issues with them whatsoever. My CZ Canvasback was a great O/U for the price. It fit me better than used Citori’s and finer shotguns.

Does Turkey Make quality guns?

Gun snobs might poo-poo them, but you shouldn’t overlook Turkish firearms, as there are some quality long guns and handguns being made in that country. … In fact, those attributes have created a cult following for some Turkish gun makers.

Why are so many shotguns made in Turkey?

Part of the reason that you see so many different AR style shotguns from Turkey is due to their laws. Turkish firearms laws are less restrictive on pistols and shotguns. Rifles are heavily restricted there. That is why we see a lot of AR style shotguns and upper receiver groups (410 uppers).

Are Benelli shotguns made in Turkey?

Not quite, the Benelli non crio barrels are made in turkey, which are few and far between. Turkish barrels are of lesser quality. My Benelli Nova 20ga has a slight rib glue issue near the muzzle, it’s no big deal, just getting what you pay for.

What handguns are made in Turkey?


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Model Caliber Origin
SAR 9 9×19mm Parabellum Turkey
TP9 9×19mm Parabellum Germany Turkey
Yavuz 16 9×19mm Parabellum Italy Turkey
K2000 9×19mm Parabellum Czech Republic Turkey

Are Charles Daly shotguns made in Turkey?

Shotguns: Over and under, side by side, pump action, and semi-automatics are currently produced in Turkey. All of the pumps and semi-autos are made by Akkar in Istanbul, but Sarsilmaz and ATA also produced semi-autos for Daly during the mid-2000s.

Where are most shotguns made?

New Hampshire produced the most rifles, at nearly 328,000, and pistols, with more than 700,000, in 2019, while Florida manufactured the most revolvers: nearly 190,000. Texas produced the most shotguns, at about 191,000, while Mississippi followed closely behind with 188,000.

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