Are hollow point bullets legal for hunting?

If you want to shoot solid copper bullets you must use hollow points to allow for expansion. Shooters using polymer tips are actually using a hollow point behind the tip. All hunting ammunition must be able to expand or it would be illegal. Solids, full metal jacketed are illegal for hunting as they do not expand.

What states are hollow point bullets illegal?

It is unlawful in California, Florida, and Illinois to manufacture, transfer, purchase, or possess flechette ammunition.

Can you kill a deer with FMJ?

FMJ (or any non-expanding bullet) is illegal to hunt with in California.

Will a hollow point bullet kill a deer?

Hollowpoints would not be my choice for hunting big game, such as deer, elk, bear etc. With few exceptions, these bullets are lightly constructed, expand too quickly on the tough hide and bone of big game, may not penetrate to a vital organ and may not be immediately fatal.

Can FMJ ammo kill?

A 9mm cartridge with an FMJ bullet will penetrate a target and cause significant damage and disruption. It may or may not incapacitate or kill on the first shot, but many other cartridges share that potential failing.

Is FMJ ammo good for hunting?

FMJ rounds are more likely to overpenetrate and wound the animal as well as present a danger to whomever or whatever lies beyond. So yes, there are specific rounds made for hunting. They will have a soft point or a hollow point. Do not use an FMJ round for taking game as it is most likely illegal and also unethical.

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Will 9mm target rounds kill?

Yes. It’s not the best choice for self defense, but it will certainly kill someone. It’s full metal jacketed ammo at standard velocity.

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