Your question: Where can I kill a grizzly bear in rdr2?

The best bet for hunting this bear is to take the tracks north past Wallace Station, then cut west along the border of West Elizabeth and Ambarino. I like to sneak down the slope to get a bit closer, then use the Springfield Rifle with a scope to land a clean kill shot to the bear’s heart.

Where can I find a grizzly bear in Red Dead Redemption 2?

Bears regularly pop up in a few locations, so try one of these but make sure you’re well armed first! Tall Trees, north of Lower Montana River around the S in ‘Trees’ on the map; west of Wallace Station in the north of West Elizabeth; Dakota River east of Window Rock; and north of O’Creagh’s Run in Grizzlies East.

Can you kill legendary animals twice?

You can hunt Legendary animals more than once, but they are on cooldown. Legendary animals only spawn under certain conditions (thanks Alexionics): You’ll find Elk near Cholla Springs (Cotorra Springs) only when it’s drizzling and foggy weather.

How much is grizzly bear pelt worth rdr2?

Grizzly Bear Parts & Crafting Materials

Material: Sell Price:
Perfect Bear Fur $7.50
Good Bear Fur $4.50
Poor Bear Fur $3.00
Animal Fat $0.25

Where are grizzly Bears in RDO?

Grizzly Bears are found in the forests and mountains. You can specifically find Grizzly Bears in the forests northwest of Wallace Station.

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What animal sells for the most rdr2 online?

The most profitable animal to kill is the Grizzly Bear as it’s the only one in the top five that there is an unlimited number of.

Most profitable kills.

Rank Animal Total
1 Brumas the Bear 392
2 Khan the Jaguar 268
3 Lobo the Wolf 248
4 Gordo the Boar 244
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