Your question: What type of ducks are in Utah?

What ducks can you shoot in Utah?

Latest dates for the duck Hunting Season Utah 2016-2017

Species Season Dates
Dark geese (cackling, Canada, white-fronted, brant) Oct 3 to 15 Nov 7 to Feb 7
Light geese (snow, blue, Ross’) Nov 3 to Feb 7 Mar 1 to Mar 10
Youth Waterfowl Hunt 19-Sep

Are there blue wing teal in Utah?

The species is moderately common in Utah during the breeding season, but it is not found in the state during the winter, as flocks have migrated south to warmer areas. Blue-winged teal prefer wetland habitats; nesting often occurs in grasslands near ponds or wetlands.

What breed of ducks do we eat?

Breeds. The most commonly used breed of duck in commercial meat production in the UK is the domestic/common duck, in particular the Pekin.

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