You asked: Are wood duck decoys necessary?

Wood ducks will decoy, but they’re not wont to do so well outside the vicinities of their intended destinations. Set up where the woodies want to be, and use your decoys to fine-tune their approach. A small spread of about a dozen decoys is typically all that’s required.

Do you need wood duck decoys to kill wood ducks?

The decoys are usually the easiest part for wood ducks. If you are in the right spot, you may not even need them! I have found that smaller is better for these birds.

Do wooden ducks like spinners?

What does work, experienced hunters agree, are spinning-wing decoys like Mojo’s Screamin’ Woody. Love them or hate them, spinners, where allowed, are deadly on wood ducks, grabbing their attention at a distance and helping focus them visually on the small spread of decoys.

Do wood ducks roost in trees at night?

“It’s fantastic for wood ducks to be in trees because being up high, roosting there overnight, makes them spectacularly safe,” Mr Bishop said. Wood ducks are known to nest above or near water, in tree hollows.

Why do wood ducks nest in trees?

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Wood duck
Genus: Aix
Species: A. sponsa

Is 5 shot good for ducks?

5 or No. 6 shot shells will work well for any small duck.

Where do wood ducks go during the day?

Woodies like to roost on ponds, and in corners of wetlands large and small, usually where there is some cover. They leave at first light to spend the day in ponds, wet cornfields, and creeks, but pinning down their exact spot is rarely easy.

Do wood ducks like wing decoys?

While most dabblers will decoy to mallards, wood ducks much prefer to flock to their own species. I like to place a dozen woodie decoys upwind of the blind, with a spinning-wing decoy or small jerk rig in between.

How do you attract ducks to flooded timber?

Tree trunks are best, because you can move slowly around the tree to keep it between you and the ducks. There are few places to take a load off when you’re in knee-deep water, and a good sturdy tree to lean against can be a blessing after half a morning of dragging heavy waders through thigh-deep water.

Can you use a mallard call for wood ducks?

they do however respond to wood duck calls. my personal favorite combo is the duck commander woodie and haydels woodie whine.

Do Wood Duck calls work?

Wood ducks have certain travel routes they take day after day which take them between their roosting and feeding areas. … Because they are fairly loud, these calls are effective in getting the attention of most wood ducks. Woodies have a much wider vocabulary though.

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