Will a 45 long colt kill a hog?

I’ve shot a few pigs with similar loads and bullets; They will certainly kill the animal, but if you’re in thick stuff, the hog could go a little ways and may not bleed much. I’d recommend a hollow point like the 250 XTP, which is what I carry now.

What can a 45 long colt kill?

tahunua001 Member. a 45 long colt will kill anything in north america short of a bison within 100 yards…anyone that says that that a 45lc wont kill deer are the same guys that say you need a 357 or larger for home defense.

What is a 45 long colt good for?

45 Colt. Colt revolvers, Colt clones and similar handguns, are designed to operate at about 14,000 psi. The hefty revolvers, like select Ruger and Freedom Arms guns, can handle much higher pressures, around the 25,000 psi range. … 45 Colt to be quite useful as a defensive and handgun-hunting round.

How far will a 45 long colt kill?

The 45 Colt in a rifle could stretch it out to 100 yards I guess and still be ethical. The 7.5 inch barreled 45 Colt revolver could be ethical for a good shooter out to 35-40 yards I think.

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Can you shoot 45 Colt in a 45 long colt?

You cannot shoot 45 acp out of a . 45 colt unless you get a conversion cylinder for it, no 44 ammo either.

Why is 45 Long Colt ammo so expensive?

The . 45 Colt is a less popular cartridge so limited production is made. New guns come out to the market which increased the demand. The supply is not there to meet the demand.

Is a 45 Colt worth it?

45 Colt is a good cartridge if you mind its limitations. Factory loads are usually kept mild because there are just enough Colt single action revolvers nearing 150 years of age out there which might just get fired. The general rule is that if you want a hot load for a modern .

Will 45 Colt kill deer?

45 Long Colt – The premier revolver cartridge of the black powder era, it remained our most powerful handgun cartridge until the advent of the . … 45 Colt carbines being offered for the first time. Although it will kill deer at very short range, the . 45 LC is a poor choice for deer hunting.

Which is better 44 mag or 45 Colt?

If you are comparing the 44 Magnum to the 45 ACP(Automatic Colt Pistol), the 44 Magnum has more power than the 45 ACP. On the other hand, the 44 Magnum has much more recoil, makes more noise and has a large muzzle blast.

Is a 45 long colt good for bear hunting?

45 Colt is a great round and can be loaded up to kill most any bear.

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