Will a 150 grain bullet kill a deer?

Registered. Would recommend 150-165 gr bullets. 180gr are heavier constructed and don’t expand as fast for deer. Elk ,moose, bears use 180gr.

Is a 150 grain bullet good for deer?

An assortment of 150-grain bullets is available to provide a lethal punch. Ordinary bullets with lead cores and copper-alloy jackets work just fine on deer and antelope. Bullets like the Sierra flat-base spitzer (Pro-Hunter), Hornady InterLock, Remington Core-Lokt and other similar cup-and-core bullets fired from the .

Is 180 grain too much for deer?

A 180 is fine for ANYTHING I plan to hunt with that rifle. 3. Though a “soft” 150 might open faster and do more damage on a broadside shot, a good 180 will have enough penetration to get the job done from any angle.

How many grain do you need to kill a deer?

30-30–and also with a bow, the “muzzle energy” of its arrow running about 65 foot-pounds. In my experience, any . 25 to . 30 caliber cartridge using at least a 120 grain bullet will kill any deer out to any range where the bullet expands reliably.

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Is a higher grain bullet better?

For hunting and any kind of defense shooting, a larger grain is generally better. Larger grain, heavier bullets, generally perform better inside a target. … However, if there are multiple grains of jacketed hollow point ammunition, heavier is generally a little better.

What is better 150 grain or 170 grain?

A 170 gr bullet will be better for breaking the shoulder and continuing on into the vitals, but a 150 gr will expand more quickly and cause lots of damage if you hit the lung area behind the shoulder. But for deer either will do the job and you might want to use whichever bullet weight your rifle shoots better.

Is a 30-06 Overkill a deer?

Yes, the 30-06 is too much and the . 243 is too little. There are very few cartridges that are correct for hunting deer.

Is a 165 grain bullet good for deer?

Nosler 165-grain Partition

The grandfather of “premium” big-game bullets, Nosler’s Partition—the 165-grain variant in particular—is a top choice for hunting deer with the . 308 Win. —especially if there’s an opportunity for black bear or elk, or if you’re a one-gun hunter.

RE: Smallest Caliber For Deer Hunting

. 223 is the smallest I would go. I personally have never shot a deer with one, but my buddy shot one for years.

What is the smallest grain bullet for deer hunting?

100 grain bullets are often designed for the smallest species of “big game,” such as European chamois and the smallest African antelope. The 120-130 grain bullets are usually a good choice for medium size CXP2 game, such as pronghorn antelope, most deer species, wild sheep and goats.

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Can you kill a deer with 50 grains of powder?

It will certainly kill a deer, question is how quick? I agree that a heavier bullet and a lung shot would be best bet, not much room for error with range estimation, shot placement, or quartering angle. I would limit range to ~50 yards or so and be prepared to track it.

What is the number one deer caliber?

7mm-08 Remington (Winchester Ballistic Silvertip)

The 7mm, or . 284 diameter bullet, is, in my estimation, the best caliber for deer of all sizes, under all conditions—which is why it deserves the top spot on this list. It has innate ballistic properties, and its short-action case, which is a necked-down .

What is the best grain bullet for a 270 win?

The 130 and 150-grain slugs are the most popular choices for the . 270, with some 140-grain offerings splitting the difference. There are lighter choices—the 90 and 100-grain bullets that make the . 270 a viable coyote rifle—and some heavier bullets, but above 150-grains things get tricky.

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