Which region in Arkansas is known for duck hunting?

The Prairie Pothole Region is critical to Arkansas waterfowl hunters. The vast majority of Arkansas’ annual duck harvest migrates to us from the Prairie Pothole Region, also referred to as “the duck factory.” The Prairie Pothole Region is DU’s #1 conservation focus area.

Which Arkansas region is famously known for duck hunting?

Truthfully, the best duck hunting is in the eastern part of the state, near the Mississippi and White rivers. Not surprisingly, one of the best public hunting opportunities is in the Dale Bumpers White River NWR, where the White flows into the Mississippi.

Where are the ducks at in Arkansas?

Arkansas lies at the “bottom of the boot.” Waterfowl wintering in the pothole country of the upper Midwest and Canada moves down the Mississippi and other ancient waterways when ice covers northerly waters and food sources. The ducks fly as far south as they have to to get what they need.

Can you duck hunt the Arkansas River?

The Arkansas River is not the first choice of most duck hunters, but it offers plenty of opportunities with the right conditions. … “It has the potential to give you a good hunt every other day.” Still, hunters are scarce for the most part on the river compared with the Bayou Meto “Scatters” and the fields.

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Why are there so many ducks in Arkansas?

Habitat changes due to deforestation and other artificial causes, as well as the winters in Arkansas that have been mild the past few years, might have ducks settling into different areas. Arkansas lies in (what has been) the perfect location for duck hunting.

What does the duck represent in Arkansas?

Stalks of rice, representing Arkansas’s status as the leading rice producer in the United States, were to the left of the diamond, and a mallard duck in flight above a body of water with a forest in the background represents Arkansas’s abundant natural resources and national reputation for outdoor sporting activities.

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