Where is the best Javelina hunting in Arizona?

Javelina love to eat prickly pear cactus and they will be out sunning themselves to warm up. Another great place to look for them is in the bottom of desert washes. I often find them bedded in these areas, which offers a perfect stalking setup.

What is the best unit to hunt javelina in Arizona?

The Picacho Mountains: This area currently has the largest herds and the greatest number of javelina herds in the unit. Hunting will be good anywhere around the bottom of Newman Peak in the lower foothills.

How much does it cost to hunt javelina in Arizona?

Season (Handgun/Archery/Crossbow/Muzzleloader) and a late February Rifle season. RIFLE CARTRIDGES that we recommend for javelina are .

Javelina Hunt Options # Days Rate
Javelina Hunt: 1 on 1 3* $2,250.00/person
Archery deer/javelina combo (2 on 1) 5* $3,250.00/person

Is it illegal to kill a javelina in Arizona?

Javelina are classified as a big game species. It is unlawful to injure or kill game animals, even if they are causing a problem, unless certain rigorous provisions under the law have been met. See Arizona Game and Fish Department Hunting Regulations. It is unlawful to trap javelina.

How do you attract javelina?

Evidence from feeding includes chewed paddles of prickly pear cactus, shredded sotol and agave plants, rooted-up ground, and overturned cow pies. Bedding locations can often be found beneath rocky overhangs or in thick brush that provides shade. Javelina can also be detected by their powerful, musky odor.

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What does javelina poop look like?

Scat: Deposited in oval shaped pellets, dark green in color. As scat ages, color varies from light to dark brown. Size (pellet): 0.5 inches.

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