Where is the best duck hunting in the South?

What state shoots the most ducks?

Minnesota had the most active waterfowlers, with 65,900. No state in the flyway shot more ducks than Arkansas, whose hunters took a whopping 1.14 million birds, including 620,654 mallards.

Where is the best place to duck hunt in the United States?

There are more than 200,000 acres of natural habitat just waiting for you to hunt. Salt Lake City, Utah – a favorite location of duck hunters. The Great Salt Lake boasts 25 different waterfowl species and roughly 3 to 4 million birds a year.

What state has the biggest duck population?

HIP estimates for the past four seasons indicate that Louisiana had the nation’s highest average harvest of blue-winged teal, with more than 230,000 of the birds taken annually.

Where are most banded ducks killed?

The MALLARD is the most commonly banded—and harvested—bird in North America. Estimated miles flown by a pintail between 1940 and 1954. The bird was banded in northern Alberta and killed near Tabasco, Mexico. Most banded waterfowl shot by hunters are reported to the BBL.

How many ducks die a day?

Ducks. Around the world about 11 million ducks are killed every day.

Where are the most mallards killed?

During the 2019-20 waterfowl seasons, hunters in the Mississippi Flyway killed about 1.45 million mallards. We killed about 510,000 mallards in Arkansas, or about 35% of the total. That dwarfs the number killed in Minnesota (166,366), which was second.

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