Where is the best duck hunting in Kentucky?

Your best bet for duck hunting in Kentucky has got to be Ballard WMA. At times, up to 100,000 ducks and geese congregate here. The hunting is top-notch, and there’s a drawing to get a blind there.

Can you shoot Canadian geese in Kentucky?

The geese population is totally out of control.” Smitson said the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources can provide limited technical guidance to alleviate goose problems, but Canada geese are federally regulated through the Migratory Bird Protection Act.

What state kills the most ducks?

1: California. Ultimately, the contest wasn’t close. Golden State waterfowlers averaged 24.5 ducks per hunter in 2016 (that’s more than 1.15 million ducks taken by about 47,100 folks, if you’re interested).

What state has the highest duck limit?

California led all states for highest total duck harvest and total duck hunter days afield, while Texas was tops for total active duck hunters.

Is goose season open in Kentucky?

Hunters age 15 and younger can hunt ducks, coots, mergansers and geese on these days (Eastern Zone: November 7-8, 2020; Western Zone: February 6-7, 2021). Youth hunting during these seasons must comply with hunter education and hunting license requirements and be accompanied by an adult (at least 18 years of age).

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How many geese can you shoot in Kentucky?

The white-fronted, snow and brant season is open statewide. The Canada goose season will be open everywhere except in the Northeast zone, which will open Dec. 19. The daily goose bag is five birds, to include no more than three Canada geese, two white-fronts and one brant.

How many turkeys can you kill in Kentucky?

A hunter may take a male turkey or a turkey with a visible beard. No more than one (1) bird may be taken per day. No more than two (2) birds may be taken per spring season. Any combination of male turkeys, or turkeys with visible beards, may be included in this two-bird season limit.

Can you duck hunt on a lake?

More widely accessible public areas—natural lakes, reservoirs, and rivers, for example—may not be managed for ducks and geese, but the birds will frequent such habitat when conditions are right. Such places are typically open to public waterfowling in accordance with general statewide hunting regulations.

Can you float hunt ducks?

Yet the joy in float hunting is exactly the opposite: It’s as basic as duck hunting gets. You and a hunting partner plan a float that takes you downstream, letting the current do most of the work. You shoot ducks that you jump along the way. It takes you back to the days before the mountains of high-tech hunting gear.

Can you use decoys on public land?

One of the best things a hunter can do is use lifelike decoys. Public land turkeys see a lot of decoys each spring. Many of those will be not-so-great decoys. … Good decoys don’t just attract turkeys.

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