Where can you hunt bears in Montana?

Montana black bear are fair game in both the fall and spring! Color phase bears in shades of cinnamon, chocolate, and blonde are frequently harvested in our area. In fact, the Swan Valley is home to some of the best black bear hunting in Montana.

How much is a bear hunt in Montana?

Spring Season

Not available to apprentice hunters. Fees: Resident: $19. Nonresident: $350.

Can you shoot a grizzly in self-defense?

(B) Grizzly bears may be taken in self-defense or in defense of others, but such taking shall be reported by the individual who has taken the bear or his designee within 5 days of occurrence . . . For instance, there is the case of a hiker in Glacier National Park in Montana a few years ago.

What state has the best black bear hunting?

With some preparation, time off, and a good long-range rifle, spring bear season can be something you look forward to every year. In my opinion, the best states to hunt for spring black bears are Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.

How many black bears are there in Montana?

Black Bear population in 41 U.S. states

State Name Black Bear Population
Missouri 540-840
Montana 15,000
Nebraska Low/rare sightings
Nevada 300-500

What time of day is best to hunt black bear?

Time of Day: If you are hunting in the fall, chances are, you will spot a black bear at any given time throughout the day. However, as a general rule-of-thumb, the best time to hunt black bear is in the morning or early evening when they are most certainly on the search for food.

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