Where can I hunt deer in South Carolina?

Where is the best deer hunting in South Carolina?

From August 15 to January 1, South Carolina Lowcountry is known as one of the best places in the country to hunt for wild boar, deer, quail, and even wild turkeys. Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge is an ideal spot for hunting in South Carolina.

When can I hunt deer in South Carolina?

Legal hunting time for deer is the time between one hour before official sunrise until one hour after official sunset (50-11-710). In Game Zones 1 and 2 it is unlawful to pursue deer with dogs (50-11-310).

How do you hunt deer in South Carolina?

South Carolina law requires that you hold a hunting license and a big game permit before you are able to hunt deer. To secure your permits, you must take and pass a state-approved hunter safety course. This certification process is meant to make hunting in South Carolina safer for people and the environment.

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Does South Carolina have good deer hunting?

The S.C. Department of Natural Resources recently released its 2019 Deer Harvest report that showed 126,283 South Carolina residents were joined by 14,833 non-residents in hunting deer in 2019. Those hunters recorded an overall success rate of 69 percent, according to the report, which is an outstanding number.

Which state has the largest population of deer?

Texas ranked first, with hunters taking 722,044 deer, compared to 341,288 deer in Michigan, Outdoor Life said. Also in the top five: Pennsylvania (333,254), Wisconsin (316,774) and Georgia (316,463). Texas has an estimated 4.3 million deer, while Michigan has about 1.75 million.

Is South Carolina a good hunting state?

South Carolina offers some excellent fishing and hunting opportunities but rather limited access to enjoy them.

Can you hunt on Sunday in SC?

On private lands statewide, Sunday hunting for all game is legal.

How many deer can you kill in SC?

Hunters in Game Zone 1 can kill a maximum of nine deer, and Game Zone 2 hunters can kill a maximum of 10 deer. For non-resident hunters, it’s a little less complicated, no matter which Game Zone they hunt in.

Can you hunt with an AR 15 in South Carolina?

South Carolina has the least restrictions on the type of ammunition and caliber of hunting firearms. Trapping, poisoning, and automatic weapons are still illegal though as these are extremely unethical hunting practices.

How long does the rut last in SC?

What is the peak deer “rut” in South Carolina? Generally, the last two weeks of October through the first two weeks of November, although breeding activity may be seen at almost any time of the fall and winter.

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Is the rut over in South Carolina?

The standard answer is that the rut in the lowcountry of South Carolina starts around October 15th and runs through Thanksgiving. So without a doubt, hunting anytime during this period should ensure that you have a successful hunt.

Are deer overpopulated in SC?

The deer population in South Carolina is down 30 percent, according to state wildlife officials. And the coyote population is on the rise. A researcher from Clemson wants to know if the booming coyote numbers are to blame for fewer deer.

How many deer are in a square mile in South Carolina?

For the 2018 season, South Carolina’s deer harvest rate was 9.2 deer harvested per square mile over the entire state. Bamberg County had the highest harvest rate (20.4 deer per square mile). Anderson County was second with 17 deer per square mile. Spartanburg County was third with 15.8 per square mile.

Can you bait deer in South Carolina?

Act 2 of the 2013 South Carolina General Assembly removed the prohibition on baiting for deer on private lands in Game Zones 1 and 2. Therefore, baiting for deer is no longer prohibited on private land anywhere in South Carolina. Baiting or hunting over bait remains prohibited on WMA’s statewide.

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