Where can I buy a Vermont hunting license?

How do I get a hunting license in Vermont?

Where to Buy a Vermont Hunting License

  1. Visit the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department website.
  2. Visit a Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department office or an approved license agent.
  3. Mail in a paper application.

How much is a VT hunting license?

License Price List, Information, and other Requirements

License Type Resident Non-Resident
Hunting $28.00 $102.00
5 Year Hunting $134.00 $504.00
Youth Hunting (under age 18) $8.00 $25.00
Combination (Fishing and Hunting) $47.00 $143.00

Can you hunt on your own land without a license in Vermont?

Hunters are allowed to hunt on private land unless otherwise noted, and to comply with the law, she had to post signs to keep them out. … The right to hunt, fish and trap on private land is and always has been enshrined in Vermont’s constitution.

How much is a senior fishing license in Vermont?

What changes have been made with permanent licenses? Until December 31, 2017, a permanent hunting and fishing license is available free to Vermont residents aged 70 and older. Starting January 1, 2018 the eligible age will be 66 and there will be a one-time fee of $60.

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How long is bow season in Vermont?

Big Game

Season Dates Species
October 1 – December 15, 2021 except closed during regular November season Deer: Archery
October 2 – October 22, 2021 Turkey: Fall Archery – Statewide
October 23 – October 31, 2021 Turkey: Shotgun or Archery – Limited to WMUs: B, D, G, H, I, J, L, M, O, P, Q

Can you hunt on Sunday in Vt?

Vermont is one of the most rural states in the country; hunting is so popular in the Green Mountain State that hunting is permitted on Sundays! Hunting is a very cultural/traditional thing in this state, Vermont hunting acknowledges this and therefore offers many discounts on family hunting.

What qualifies as a Vermont resident?

Who Is A Resident Of Vermont? … You are domiciled in Vermont, or. You maintain a permanent home in Vermont, and you are present in Vermont for more than 183 days of the taxable year.

Do I need a hunting license to hunt on my own property in Vermont?

Hunters are not required to ask permission to hunt on land that is not posted, according to the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department. But the department encourages this courtesy. Now that landowners have the choice to put up “Hunting by Permission Only” signs, landowners who do so should remove “No Trespassing” signs.

Can you shoot a dog on your property in Vermont?

(a) A person may kill a domestic pet or wolf-hybrid that suddenly assaults him or her or when necessary to discontinue an attack upon the person or another person provided that the attack or assault does not occur while the domestic pet or wolf-hybrid is restrained, within an enclosure containing the domestic pet or …

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How do I legally post my property in Vermont?

Signs must:

  1. Be placed at all corners of your property (or the portion you wish to post) and spaced 400 feet or less apart along or near boundaries,
  2. Be at least 8.5 inches wide by 11 inches tall,
  3. Have lettering and background on contrasting colors,
  4. Be legible, including any additional information or wording,

Can you fish in Vermont without a license?


All anglers aged 15 and older are required to have a fishing license in their possession at all times while fishing.

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