Where are wild boar in West Virginia?

Most of the wild boar range in West Virginia lies within the confines of private land, so this lottery could end up being the opportunity of a lifetime for a few lucky boar hunters.” The hunt will reportedly take place on 8,000 acres of private land in Logan County.

Are there Rams in WV?

There is a reason Rocky Fork Whitetail’s has been ranked #1 by West Virginia residents for Ram Hunting Trip for years; Ohio delivers the big game!

Are there wild hogs in Virginia?

The only historic population of wild hogs in Virginia is in the far southeast, in the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge and False Cape State Park. These hogs are remnants from subsistence farms which were abandoned in the 1920-1930’s.

Is there hog hunting in Virginia?

Where can I hunt feral hogs? Right now, the feral hog population in Virginia is still fairly low, therefore feral hog hunting opportunities can be difficult to come by. There are a few isolated populations that occur in relatively high abundance; however, most of these populations exist on private land.

How much do farmers pay to kill hogs?

Some hunting ranches charge as much as $900 to target and shoot a large hog.

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