What’s the biggest turkey killed in Georgia?

Joey Scanlon, of Griffin, killed a Butts County gobbler on March 23, 2004 that sits on top of the National Wild Turkey Federation’s Longest Beard Eastern in Georgia list. The beard measured 17 7/8-inch long and is the No.

What is the Georgia state record turkey?

Chip went through the process of getting his big gobbler certified by NWTF, and it is now the new state-record gobbler for the highest-scoring Georgia gobbler ever taken with a bow. On certified scales, Chip’s bird weighed 27-lbs., 3-ozs.

What is the biggest turkey ever killed?

As reported by multiple sources, David Cody Guess has killed one big turkey. The National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) has officially confirmed the spring gobbler’s weight at 37.6 pounds. Shot April 21, 2015 on his Lyon County family farm, it’s the heaviest turkey ever registered.

How many turkey can you kill in GA?

They can kill only one bird on any single WMA. If they do kill a bird on any one WMA or the forest, they can go kill their second bird on some other piece of public land.

What is the highest scoring turkey?

The National Wild Turkey Federation has recognized the Eastern gobbler as accumulating a total score of 195.5000 points. That’s no typo, Strut Zoners! Edgecombe, NC was the location. Eight beards drooped of the gobbler’s chest, the longest measuring 11.1250 inches.

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What’s a good turkey score?

Depends on where you are hunting. An example is a 20lb. bird with a 10″ beard and 1″ spurs would score 60 points. In my area that is a decent bird and anything that scores above say 65 is a good one.

What is the hardest turkey to kill?

1. Easterns: Hunter pressure in tight habitats make this subspecies the most difficult in the country. More turkey hunters roam Eastern states than any of the others. An Alabama Eastern three-year-old longbeard might be the most difficult turkey of all.

What state eats the most turkey?

Just six states—Minnesota, North Carolina, Arkansas, Virginia, Missouri and Indiana—produce two-thirds of the birds raised in the United States. Approximately 88% of U.S. families eat turkey on Thanksgiving Day. The country that consumes the most turkey per year, per capita: Israel.

Do tom turkeys lose their beards?

Unlike the rest of the body feathers which undergo 5 molts throughout an eastern’s lifetime, the beard does not molt. It becomes visible when the turkey is 6-7 months of age, and it continues to grow throughout their lifetime. Turkeys’ beards don’t wear off or rot off.”

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