What license do I need to shoot coyote in Michigan?

Michigan residents need a valid base license to hunt coyotes, and out-of-state residents must have a valid base license and a fur harvester license. Residents hunting other furbearing species will need a base license and a fur harvester license.

Can you legally shoot a coyote in Michigan?

Coyote hunting and trapping seasons are available statewide. … If problems exist outside regular hunting or trapping seasons, coyotes can be killed without a license on private land by the landowner or a designee if the coyote is doing or about to do damage to private property, pets, livestock, or humans.

What are the rules for hunting coyotes in Michigan?

Non-residents must have a fur harvester license to hunt and trap coyotes. As for rules on equipment, Centerfire rifles may be used to hunt coyotes during regular daytime hunting hours statewide. Centerfire rifles or pistols . 269 caliber or smaller are allowed to be used at night.

What time of year can you shoot coyotes in Michigan?

The state’s Natural Resource Commission has now approved year-round hunting of coyotes, where the season was previously only from mid-April to mid-July. The approvals of these revisions came at an April 14th meeting in Lansing.

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What can I shoot with a combo license in Michigan?

This combination license includes an annual fishing license good for all species on any Michigan lake or stream, a base license that allows small game hunting and two deer tags: a regular and restricted tag, valid in both archery and firearm seasons.

Do you need a small game license to hunt coyotes in Michigan?

Do you need a license to hunt coyotes in Michigan? Residents possessing a valid small game license may hunt coyote during the established season. (applies to Michigan residents only) Residents possessing a valid base license may hunt coyote during the established season.

Can you shoot raccoons in Michigan at night?

Current Nighttime Raccoon, Opossum, Fox, and Coyote Hunting Regulations Currently, Michigan allows for the nighttime take of raccoon, opossum, fox, and coyote. … Hunters using the aid of dogs may only have a firearm, crossbow or bow and arrow loaded at the point of kill.

Can I use my buck tag for a doe in Michigan?

New 2020 Deer Regulations in Michigan Gives Hunters across the State more Opportunity. … In the Lower Peninsula, hunters will be allowed to use any valid deer license or private land combination tag to take an antlerless deer during the early and late antlerless firearm seasons.

How many rounds can you hunt with in Michigan?

Michigan state hunting laws limit the magazine capacity to six shots for semi-automatic rifles/shotguns.

Is there a limit on coyotes?

Is there a bag limit for coyotes in California? No limit.

Is there a coyote season in Michigan?

Coyote hunting is open year-round, and Michigan residents need a valid base license to hunt for them. See the current-year Fur Harvester Digest for coyote hunting and trapping regulations.

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